Blackwood River - Boathaugh Boat ramp

Basin : Blackwood River

Catchment : Lower Blackwood River

The condition of the Blackwood River - Boathaugh Boat ramp (site code: BLA16X), in the middle catchment of the Blackwood River, was assessed for water quality only on 6 February 2013 (spot measurements of dissolved oxygen, temperature, electrical conductivity, pH, colour, alkalinity, turbidity and nutrients).

This was an ad-hoc assessment of water flowing into the Blackwood River from a tributary located between sites Orchard Cottage (BLA15) and Blackwood River - Downstream Boathaugh Boat ramp (BLA16).


Condition summary

The site was assessed as part of  an assessment of river condition in the lower catchment of the Blackwood River – view report here.