Vasse River - Lower Vasse River 1

Basin : Busselton Coast

Catchment : Vasse - Ludlow rivers

The condition of the Lower Vasse 1 site (VR64VASS1) was assessed between 9 and 10 October 2017, over a 100-m length of stream. This site is situated in the lower catchment of the Vasse River.

The assessment was conducted using standard methods from the South West Index of River Condition. Measures chosen for this assessment included fish and crayfish, macroinvertebrates, aquatic habitat, water quality (dissolved oxygen, temperature, electrical conductivity, and pH logged over 24h, and colour, alkalinity, turbidity and nutrients), fringing vegetation, channel morphology, erosion, connectivity, local land use and flow.

Condition summary

Click here for a site condition summary. Please contact the Departments River Science team for site information, and see below for links to information on some of the species found at the site, and some images taken in 2017.

Flow and connectivity

Vegetation within 100 m of the stream on both banks consisted of remnant vegetation (scattered trees) with grassy understorey, and urban residential land use. All structural layers (groundcover, shrub, and trees) were present, but were reduced from that expected under natural conditions. Within the streamside zone (first 10 m from river banks on both sides) there was good vegetation coverage, and minimal exotic species.

Habitat of lower Vasse River

Overall the banks had good structural integrity with minimal erosion.

Water quality

Gilgie, Cherax quinquecarinatus

Gilgie, Cherax quinquecarinatus – click to view species information

Dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature and salinity were within acceptable ranges during the 24 hour sampling period. Nutrient concentrations were high compared to SWIRC guidelines, which was as expected given known eutrophication problems in the Lower Vasse River.


Fish and crayfish

Six fish species and one crayfish species were found at this site in 2017, including one exotic fish species.

A list of species is provided at the bottom of the page, click on the images to learn more about each species.

Note: only fish and crayfish are targeted by sampling methods, however where other species were caught and/or observed they are included below.

Species found in subcatchment

This includes all species found within the subcatchment of the assessment site, from this and previous studies in the area. The photos are linked to more information about each species, including maps of where they are expected across the south-west.

Other aquatic fauna

Western long-necked turtles (Chelodina colliei),  South-west glass shrimp (Palaemon australis) and frogs were found at this site.