Brunswick River - Upstream of Augustus River

Basin : Collie River

Catchment : Collie River

In February 2019, observations of connectivity and aquatic biota were made on the Brunswick River upstream of the confluence with the Augustus River (site code: CR93BRUN1, site reference: 6124066).

This was not a standard South West Index of River Condition (SWIRC) site assessment, it was designed to complement other assessments in the Brunswick River catchment at that time. No previous assessments of river ecology have been reported at this location (see below for other sites assessed within this catchment).

This site maintains flowing water over the summer period and provides important refuge habitat for aquatic biota.


Condition summary

A condition summary has not been prepared for this site. Future assessments of this catchment will be occurring in summer 2022-23 using standard SWIRC methods.

Species found in subcatchment

This includes all species found within the subcatchment of the assessment site, from this and previous studies in the area. The photos are linked to more information about each species, including maps of where they are expected across the south-west.