South-western snake-necked turtle

Tim Storer

Western long neck turtle chelodina colliei

  Chelodina colliei, the southwestern snake-necked turtle is a semi-aquatic freshwater turtle characterised by a long neck that retracts sideways into the shell.  The species has a distinctive shell that narrows slightly at the front. The colour of the shell generally ranges from dark brown to black, while the underside is usually a pale white/yellow. The species skin is covered … Read More

Western swamp tortoise

Tim Storer

western swamp tortoise Pseudemydura umbrina

The Western swamp tortoise (Pseudemydura umbrina) is a small, short-necked turtle. It has a brown squarish shell of up to 15 cm in length, with females being smaller than males. It has webbed toes with five claws on each foot.  It is the only species of turtle or tortoise known to digs its nest chamber with its front legs (all … Read More