Frogs - over 30 southwest species


motorbike frog litoria moorei

The south-west boasts over 30 species of frogs. They are a vital component of our aquatic ecosystems, and often a key indicator of their health and condition - and some species are critically endangered.

Perhaps the most commonly known (due to its characteristic call) and encountered around rivers and streams is the motorbike frog (Litoria moorei) - pictured here. The ability of this species to blend into their environment can be seen through the gallery of images provided.

For information about the identification, distribution, habitat, biology and conservation status of our south-west frogs please refer to the WA Museums Frogwatch program pages. We also encourage you to contribute to our knowledge of frog distributions through use of the Australian Museums FrogID app.

Frogs are not currently targeted by the standard methods of the Healthy Rivers program, so please don't think that because they do not appear in many of our site condition assessments that they do not exist.