Partnerships for healthy rivers

River management is a shared responsibility, requiring cooperation between landowners, land managers, community and catchment groups, universities, state government agencies and local governments.

Sharing knowledge and working together

Sharing information is arguably the most critical part of effective, long-term waterways management.

One of the main reasons for creating the Healthy Rivers website was to make our data, assessment methodologies and information freely available to support the work of other river managers. In return, we highly value any input from others.

If you have information about a river, a photo to share, or want to volunteer to collect information, please contact us.

We are constantly trying to learn more about our river ecosystems so that we can better manage them in the future. Tapping into the considerable expertise locally and around the world is a major part of this and, as such, we are always searching for ways to collaborate on projects that may help us fill gaps in our knowledge.

Some of the areas that require science investment are listed below. If you think you could help with these, or have some ideas about other knowledge gaps, we are happy to look at ways to work together.

For a list of some of the projects we have already supported, go to our Management page.

Research priorities

  • water-quality tolerances of local species (developing locally relevant guidelines)
  • habitat/life-history requirements of local species
  • swimming capabilities of aquatic species - to manage barriers
  • width and condition of vegetated foreshores to protect different types of rivers under different land use scenarios
  • remote sensing technologies to assess river characteristics, health and condition

Brains trust

Western Australia boasts some extremely smart and dedicated river scientists and managers. Use the interactive map to find support in your area.

If you know of individuals or organisations with something to offer that do not appear on this list, please let us know.


WATCH THIS SPACE - coming soon will be a list of publications and links to resources relating to river science, management and policy.