Black bream

Tim Storer

Black bream Acanthopagrus butcheri

Black Bream are one of the most easily identified and recognisable species in south-western Australia estuaries and lower reaches of rivers.  They are a deep bodied species, a single dorsal fin and have a silver/olive upper body and dark fins and large scales.

Western pygmy perch

Tim Storer

Western pygmy perch Nannoperca vittata

One of the most common and conspicuous fish species across the south west. It is a small (up to 80 mm, but much more commonly less than 60 mm) perch-like fish with mottled golden-brown colouration – and during mating season males will often display vibrant green, yellow and red colours on their bodies and a dark orange-red coloured belly (more … Read More

Western minnow

Tim Storer

Western minnow Galaxias occidentalis

Torpedo-shaped body (elongate and slender), with body colour ranging from olive-green to tan-brown and with a distinctive pattern of dark bars on the sides (often referred to as tiger stripes); belly is pale whitish. Largest individuals are around 200 mm, however adults are more commonly found at less than 120 mm.

Rainbow trout

Tim Storer

Rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss

The upper body is dark olive green to bluish, the sides are lighter and the belly is silver-white. The head and body are heavily speckled with small black spots, and there are often pink, red or orange markings along the head and flanks. Rainbow trout live for three to four years and can reach over 5 kg and over 60 … Read More

Pearl cichlid

Tim Storer

Pearl cichlid Geophagus brasiliensis

The pearl cichlid is an extremely aggressive freshwater fish native to South America, and a popular aquarium species owning to its bright turquoise spots and bands present of the fins and face (particularly in males) – which is the obvious source of recent collections in south-west rivers. They are a moderate-sized fish (large compared to most native freshwater fish species), … Read More

One-spot livebearer

Tim Storer

One-spot livebearer - Phalloceros caudimaculatus

The one-spot livebearer, or speckled mosquitofish, grows to around 6 cm (females) or 2.5 cm (males). It has a generally yellowish body colour with characteristic black blotches along its sides. Can be confused with the Eastern Mosquitofish (which actually has one spot).


Tim Storer

Goldfish - Carassius auratus

Goldfish are commonly caught up to 200 mm in size, but they can reach 400 mm and almost 2 kg in south-west waters. They are found in a range of colours from bronze through to bright orange and red, with varying degrees of black and white blotches. The brighter colour variants appear to revert back to the more natural ‘golden’ … Read More

Brown trout

Kelli O'Neill

brown trout Salmo trutta

A stout bodied trout which varies in coloration depending on habitat or size, but is usually yellowish-brown with brow to reddish spots on the sides which are often surrounded by a pale halo. Although they can be long-lived and grow to well over 1 m, in south-western Australia they are usually less than 80 cm.

Common carp

Tim Storer

common carp

They are large bodied (at least 8 kg in south-western Australia) and have been selectively bred for their bright coloration (usually combinations of orange and white).  They have prominent barbels around their lip, which is a distinguishing feature from the goldfish (that lack them), with goldfish also not growing as large (up to 40 cm and 2 kg) as carp.  … Read More